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Launch of EWO - Exchange of Wisdom and Opportunity

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Invitation to.. 'EWO' 

29th June – 1st July 2016, Ljubljana.

Hello everyone,
Let us officially invite you to take part in the first ever, Exchange of Wisdom and Opportunity (EWO), a 3 day long gathering which will take place in Ljubljana during Ana Desetnica street theatre festival.
We would like to invite young proffesionals who have an interest in Street Arts and theatre. (artists, directors & organisers, etc) to learn from experienced professionals in the field. We will offer you knowledge of: how to organize a festival, how to place it in urban ennvironment, creating social environment of the festival, panel discussions and debates about the topics covered. 

EWO - Exchange of Wisdom and Opportunity is waiting for you!


What do we offer?
- Share experience with professionals in the field about how to organise a festival, how to place it in urban environment, etc.
- Possibility to participate in the morning warm-ups and workshops proposed from artists and through these activities, meet performers and Sugla summer school participants in order to encourage our social life during the festival.
- All the activities are free of charge.
- We can organise your stay


What we can't offer:
Unfourtunatley we can not cover travel costs, food or accomodation. However during the festival you can stay in The Hostel Tabor, where the artists stay and where the workshops take place. (see prices) ( You can eat in the hostels' restaurant or prepare your meal by yourself in a kitchen .

Masters and their methods:
Goro Osojnik (Slovenia): 
Goro Osojnik is the artistic leader of Ana Monró Theatre, the director and selector of street theatre festivals (Ana Desetnica, Ana Mraz), headmaster of ŠUGLA street theatre school and board member of the European Federation of education and training in street arts initiative.
Goro will be sharing with us his experiences around building a large scale festival such as Ana Desetnica, that stretches over an entire country whilst trying to maintain the intimacy between the artist, audience and space.


Hartmut Nawin-Borgwald (Germany):
Hartmut is organizer of Internationales Straßentheaterfestival Ludwigshafen and he will share with us his experience about how to organize a street theater festival in a city without historical buildings and public squares
As an example is the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany. 
(Ludwigshafen is a very diverse industrial city comprised of workers and inhabitants from over 140 countries. The city was the location of the countries chemical industry (BASF) during World War II and was heavily damaged from four aerial bombings. Shaping the cityscape are the architectural aesthetics of the 1950s and 1960s).
Hartmut will speak about how the lack of historical scenery influences the program design, structure and selection of artists and how can one transform these streets and public squares into a colorful theater stage on which the public and artists feel comfortable.


Wednesday 29th June
9.30 – 10.30 - Morning warm-up
10.45 – 13:45 - Workshops proposed by perfomers of the festival
13:45 – 16:00 - Lunch, coffee and mingling
16:00 – 17:30 - Lecture from Goro Osojnik, Ana Desetnica Festival Slovenia, about how to place the festival in the concrete urban space.
18:00 - 21:30 - Visiting the festival with Goro Osojnik (with dinner time in between)
- Late night cap & debate.


Thursday 30th June
9.30 – 10.30 - Morning warm-up
10.45 – 13:45 - Workshops proposed by perfomers of the festival
13.45 – 16:00 - Lunch, coffee and mingling
16:00 – 17:30 - Lecture from Hartmut Nawin-Borgwald, Internationales Straßentheaterfestival Ludwigshafen and Buro fuer Freies theater, Germany, about programming the festival in an industrial town without historical background.
18:00 - 21:30 - Visiting the festival with Hartmut Nawin-Borgwald (with dinner time in between)
- Late night cap & debate.


Friday 1st July
9.30 – 10.30 - Morning warm-up
10.45– 13.45 - Workshops proposed by perfomers of the festival
13.45 – 16:00 - Lunch, coffee and mingling
16:00 – 18.00 - Open debate with Hartmut Nawin-Borgwald, Goro Osojnik and participants hosted by Samo Gosarič, dramaturg and critic, Slovenia.
- Closing meeting / Evaluation.


This year, Ana Desetnica street theatre festival celebrates it's 19th year!
We are glad to see that it develops not just as a festival (perfomer-public) but also as a space of learning and sharing experiences among artists.
In the frame of the central event of the festival, we organize different activities which supplement the main program for the audience. We like to call this 'inner artistic space of the festival', since it is oriented primarily towards artists performing in the festival, to know each other better, both on private and professional level. Actually we want to create the environment where all kind of participants will have huge opportunities to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to teach, to meet and to connect, all of these in a good, positive and easy way.

From 2015 onwards we organize a workshop for artists of all kinds and genres, who would like to gather experience in working and performing on the street. It is called ŠUGLA Summer School and it runs paralel to the festival.

This year we would like to introduce two other activities:
First of all The EWO program.
Secondly, we invited guest artists to share their artistic approaches and methods with each other wheres EWO participants are going to be part of this exchange.

If this is something that you would like to get involved with or have any further questions please contact us by the details below.

Ana Monro Theatre, Karunova 14, 1000 Ljubljana
Represented by: Goro Osojnik
VAT number: SI28749243



contact persons for EWO:

Polona Prosen –
Dave Egginton –


Festival & program director: 
Goro Osojnik -


Head of production,General info: 
Špela Koren -



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The next SAWA Conference will take place in the UK in October 2016.

More information to follow.


Submitted application for ERASMUS +

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'Tools for ETSA' 

Application for 2 years Stratigic Partnership was submitted by 6 EFETSA members - Univeristy of Winchester - (UK, Applicant), Univeristy of Anatolia (Turkey),Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), Ana Monro Theatre (Slovenia), Conflux (Scotland), Fuse Performance (UK)and Faceless Arts (UK). 

The results are due in August. 


EFETSA Practicum #1

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EFETSA - European Federation for Education and Training in Street Arts

Practicum No. 1: Teaching Methods


Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10. – 16. 12. 2015


EFETSA Practicum No. 1 aims to explore 4 methods of teaching street theatre.

During Part One, three teacher/mentors will present, in depth, their teaching methods for street theatre deriving from their respective practical and theoretical experiences, namely the techniques of dance, Lecoq and drama.

Part Two comprises a case study of the Triangulation method of teaching street arts. Practicum participants will be able to follow and observe the practical process of teaching the Triangulation method to a mixed group of students from ŠUGLA (School for Street Theatre), Ljubljana Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and Winchester University.  There are few spaces left for extra students.


Practicum No. 1 will take place in Ana Monró Studio, DDT hall and streets of Ljubljana.



PART 1       

Thursday, 10. 12. 2015 – THREE TEACHING METHODS (Ana Monró Studio)

15.00 -> 16.00: Registration & welcome speech by Dr Ebru Gokdag (Turkey) and Tea Vidmar (SLO)


16.00 -> 19.00: VITA OSOJNIK (SLO) – Body and Space, the significance of contact and focus, understanding space and relationships in space - theory and practice


19.30 Dinner & informal discussions

Friday,  11. 12. 2015  (Ana Monró Studio)

10.00 –> 13.00: JOHN LEE (UK) – The Dramaturgy of Public Space - a practical exploration of context and composition

13:00 -> 15:00 Lunch & Coffee

15:00 -> 18:00 VIDA C. BREN (SLO) – Street is not a Stage – differences in pedagogical approaches between classical and street theatre


19:30 -> Dinner & social activities



Saturday, 13. 12. to Wednesday, 16. 12. 2015 – TRIANGULATION METHOD (DDT hall & streets of Ljubljana)


The case study will show the whole process of the TRIANGULATION method, devised and led by CRAIG WESTON (B) and GORO OSOJNIK (SLO). The method teaches students about performing in the street with specific emphasis on the relationship of the artist/performer with the audience and the location/space.  These sessions will comprise a series of practical rehearsals in indoor space and on the streets, followed by performances/presentations from the students, concluding with an evaluation of the processes and techniques used.  EFETSA Practicum No. 1 participants will be able to observe and experience the teaching process of the Triangulation method and will be invited to contribute to the Q & A each evening after each session.

The fee for Practicum No. 1 is 90 EUR or 70 EUR for EFETSA members and 50 EUR for students. Participants will receive a free copy of the EFETSA Practicum No. 1 report.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday, 2. 12. 2015

Info: Ana Monró Theatre - Špela Koren, +386 40 474 484




Craig Weston (BE) is performer and composer, artistic director of the street theatre group the Primitives and long-standing mentor at ŠUGLA.

Ebru Gökdağ (TUR) is full-time professor in Performing Arts Department at Anadolu University in Eskişehir and research author of pedagogy and theatre of the oppressed.

Goro Osojnik (SLO) is president of Ana Monró Theatre, the director and selector of street theatre festivals (Ana Desetnica, Ana Mraz), headmaster of ŠUGLA and board member of the SAWA initiative.

John Lee (GB) is performer, artistic director of Fuseperformance and programme leader of the Bachelor Street Arts at the University of Winchester.


Tea Vidmar (SLO) is performer and musician, head of education of ŠUGLA (street theatre school) at Ana Monró Theatre and researcher of teaching methods.

Vida C. Bren (SLO) is theatre director and a member of a group Kud Ljud, the collective of artists creating and performing broadly in public spaces, combining different media, genres and techniques.

Vita Osojnik (SLO) is a choreographer, dancer and dance pedagogue, teaching in several educational programs (SEAD, ŠUGLA, SVŠGL, Mana, etc.).

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