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Contemporary Performing Street Arts (CPSA):

Developing Teaching Methods 

Online Conference // 23.–25. March 2021 //
In creating and performing in the streets, dialogue between artist, environment and the audience is essential! When artist recognizes and takes into account the givens of a specific space, he is able to create unique performing world in it and invite people into it. With the invitation to the play, he can make contact with members of the audience through interaction. He addresses them, arouses emotions, builds bonds or even develops relationships, and thus creates a community for a short time - in which there is no control, only leadership and it is necessary to know how to cooperate!
These are some highlights from the editorial of Goro Osojnik, co-organizer of the international online conference on education in the field of contemporary performative street arts, SAWA #5 (March 23-25, 2021), which revolved around the question Why do we have to develop teaching methods for Contemporary Performative Street Arts?.
As part of this, representatives of various organizations from 15 countries, who are active in the field of CPSA in one way or another, exchanged knowledge and experience, learned about existing teaching methods, good pedagogical and research practices, educational programs and case studies of these, and discuss the current state and further developments in the field of education at CPSA.

With the first click, with which we established a (web) connection with each other, a connection was forged, even with at such a distance, which at times made it seem as if we were gathered in the same room. SAWA # 5 was therefore more than a professional meeting. It was a friendly gathering of diverse artists who speak different languages, use different tools and methods, (creative and pedagogical) approaches, but we all ask ourselves the same questions and - subject to their chameleon nature – in new reality we seek new realities in art and / or create new ways of living with it.

All written contributions, oral presentations and posters will be published in an online publication as an electronic book with ISBN number in June 2021.
  • Organizers of the conference: EFETSA (European Federation for Education and Trainings in Street Arts), ŠUGLA (School for Contemporary Performing and Street Arts Ljubljana), Institute of Place, Centre for Performance, Practice and Research, University of Winchester, FADUNITO Street Arts, SPASA (Street performing Arts Summer Academy Catalonia), Bússola, Outdoor and Contemporary Circus Arts and Circostrada, European Network Circus and Street Arts.


  • Members of selection committee Goro Osojnik (SLO), Ferran Orobitg (SPA), John Lee (GBR), Bruno Costa (POR), conference coordinator Tea Vidmar (SLO) and Sergi Estebanell for his contribution.

  • Presenting authors(in program order): Goro Osojnik / Ana Monro Theatre & ŠUGLA, School of CPSA (SLO); Ferran Orobitg & Guillem Fuster / Fadunito Company (ESP); Camilo Acosta Mendoza / freelance clown (COL); Sabine Maringer / The Show Salon (AUT); John Lee / Winchester University (GBR); Adrian Schvarzstein / Circus Klezmer & Kamchatka (ESP/LTV); Vida C. Bren / KUD Ljud (SLO); Lina Johansson / Mimbre (GBR); Elena Gordienko/ The School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, RANEPA (RUS); Katjuša Kovačič & Nikola Orešković / Fluid balance - creative acrobatics (SLO/CRO); Plamen Radev & Elena Pap / Fire Theatre (BGR); Tea Vidmar / Ana Monro Theatre & ŠUGLA, School of CPSA (SLO); Bev Adams / Bev Adams Arts (GBR); Sally Mann / Fuseperformance (GBR); Sergey Korsakov / Cardbordia (RUS); Ebru Gökdağ / Anadolu University (TUR); Inês Carneiro, Simão Rodrigues & Janne Schröder / PELE - Espaço de Contacto Social e Cultural (POR); Andrea Paz Cortes & Jaume Nieto / La Internacional & Imaginart Scenic Spaces Management (LATAM/ESP). And authors of written contributions: Rafael Félix Rodriguez Marzo / Escuela superior de arte dramatic de Valenica (ESP); Ximena Cañas Abell /Teatro en Movimiento Callejerx (ESP); Justin Durel & Alenka Marinič / KUD Globus Hystericus (USA/SLO).

  • Matjaž Rušt for technical support and online coordination.

  • Theatre Choir for impressive performance Oops! and others, who helped make it happen – with special thanks to technical master Borut Cajnko.

  • Olu Taiwo / University of Winchester (GBR) for live demonstration of teaching.

  • City of Ljubljana for financial support of SAWA#5 conference and Ana Monro Theatre program.

  • All participants for making this conference a world-class event – and all of the creators and supporters of CPSA out there.


With SAWA #5 participants created a bond and a common interest and will to systematize and institutionalize education in the field of CPSA, so the conference was also an important step on the way to our long-term integration and cooperation, to our common traveling to the worlds of the street. We are planning new "expeditions" in near future!


All the best, stay healthy and in touch - with us and with streets, of course!

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